mitosaya botanical distillery
Turning a botanical garden into a distillery
in Otaki, Chiba Prefecture

Located near the center of the Boso Peninsula, Otaki is a town in Chiba Prefecture that is known for its abundance of nature and long history. Also called the “small Edo of Boso”, the town of Otaki consists of 70% greenery. And in 1987, the castle town of Otaki established Chiba Prefectural herb garden in its lush forest in 1987. Established to provide correct knowledge regarding herbal plants, the garden is populated by around 500 kinds of herbal plants in its 16,000 square meter premises, while the exhibition room has over 500 types of crude drug specimens. Later, the herb garden was transferred to Otaki from Chiba Prefecture, which was closed down in late 2015.

Having succeeded this location in 2017, we are scheduled to open a distillery in autumn that makes botanical brandy using local fruits and vegetables.

Utilizing 3 buildings, 2 greenhouses, and most of all, fruits and vegetables that have grown for 30 years, we will be making spirits that fully embody the charms of the botanical garden.

mitosaya botanical distillery will begin its operation in autumn, 2017, and is scheduled to release its first products in summer, 2018.

Unique and high quality botanical products

mitosaya botaical distillery creates unique and high quality botanical brandy made with fruits and plants harvested in the former herb garden’s estate. While searching for plants to use for production from the 500 species in the garden based on both taste and scent, we will also actively be using wild plants and fruits from outside the city. As for creating regional specialty products, we will do our best to work jointly with producers by facilitating cooperation, purchasing, etc. to create high quality Japanese botanical products. Besides fully utilizing the rich variety of plants inhabiting mitosaya as well as the distillery facilities and techniques, we will also be working together with professionals from various fields to widen our possibilities in creating distilled drinks.

fruit and pod

The name, mitosaya comes from “mi (fruit) to (and) saya (pod)”. It refers to the actual fruit, and the outer layer that protects that fruit. Our efforts will be focused on creating our unique botanical brandy by searching for various possibilities in plants, such as by using their leaves, roots, seeds, and even their pods, besides their actual fruits.

The central member is Hiroshi Eguchi, who studied under Christoph Keller in Stählemühle, a distillery in Southern Germany, also known as the region that gave birth to eau de vie (spirits made with fruits and herbs). There are also a number of professionals working with us as collaborators. Shigeharu Asagiri from COEDO Brewery provides us with support in terms of brewing technology, while Yasutsugu Ishiwatari from WAT helps us with general business management. Ryutaro Inoue, Representative of Grand Royal Green, is in charge of vegetation planning and maintenance, and Hideyuki Nakayama Architecture of architectural design and supervision of distillation facilities and related facilities.Hidayuki Yamano from TAKAIYAMA inc. is responsible for general designs (logos, signs, etc.) and art direction, and Mr. Masaki Yato for web design and art direction.

Please look forward to mitosaya’s upcoming botanical brandy that combines distilling techniques inherited from Mr. Christoph Keller, and unique Japanese botanical produce and the efforts of our various collaborators.


mitosaya botanical distillery is currently closed to the public. After opening, we are planning to set dates in which guests can enter the garden to touch, smell and taste our plants while touring the distillery.
If you have questions, please contact us from below.

mitosaya inc.
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